Steve Matthews / June 16 at Belmont

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6 Furlongs. 3&up. Fillies and Mares. Claiming $15,000. Purse: $28,000. Post -- 1:05 p.m.

1Pop Pop's Smyle(L)122Ortiz5-2-2Rodriguez9-5

2Dissension(L)117Ortiz, Jr4-10-5Gullo12-1

3Tatoo Me(L)122Laredo7-3-4Shivmangal15-1

4Still Shea to Me(L)122Rosario6-5-2Barbara6-1


6D. Frost117Maragh6-7-3Persaud15-1

7Southside Sis(L)119Saez3-1-6Contessa4-1

8Blue Sixty Four(L)122Lezcano8-4-5O'Brien20-1

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Veturia drops, returns to dirt and projects as the main speed. Pop Pop's Smyle could be in the garden spot if top selection wilts in the lane. Southside Sis fired crisp half-mile work since last start.


6 Furlongs. 3&up. Fillies and Mares. NY Bred. Maiden Claiming $20,000. Purse: $28,000.

1Sharpandwitty(L)124Ortiz, Jr11-2-2Morrison6-1

2Courageous Karen(L)114Rivera6-9-10Shevy50-1


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3Cayman Smile(L)124Ortiz2-3-xTrombetta2-1

4Hidalgo Legacy(L)119Requena6-2-2Guerrero4-1

5Wild Siren(L)124Lezcano6-6-5Goodwin12-1

6My Zealous Storm124Dubon8-2-7Parker15-1

7Beautiful Me(L)119Prado4-x-xGalluscio3-1

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8Little Gabby Girl(L)119Castellano5-10-2Brown5-1

Hidalgo Legacy is fresh and could get early jump in weak field. Cayman Smile was a clear-cut second in last; logical. Sharpandwitty needed last and owns fast figs on 'A' game.


6 Furlongs. 3&up. Claiming $30,000-$25,000. Purse: $35,000.

2Reggie D(L)122Ortiz, Jr2-4-5Gullo6-1

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3Lucci the Lion(L)115Maragh5-2-1Gargan4-1


4Vee's Accolade(L)122Castellano2-3-4Jacobson3-1


5Silent Thunder(L)122Espinoza4-3-7Schettino30-1

6August Osage(L)122Ortiz2-6-6Rodriguez7-2


8Too Much Talk(L)117Rosario1-2-4Parisella4-1

Reggie D gets confident price hike and packs solid late kick on best. Lucci the Lion owns speed and will be favorably positioned in big field. August Osage is training consistently for first start in more than a year.


1 Mile. 3&up. Allowance Optional Claiming. Purse: $79,000.

1Don Dulce(L)122Saez6-9-5Ness5-1

2This Hard Land(L)122Lezcano1-3-6Ubillo6-1


4Romancing the Gold(L)122Prado3-5-1Galluscio12-1

5St Liams Halo(L)122Ortiz7-6-4Cannizzo15-1



Don Dulce makes second start since claimed by Jamie Ness and owns fast late pace numbers on best efforts. Jimanator gets class relief and owns swift figures on 'A' game. This Hard Land was a hard-fought winner in last; don't ignore.


11/8 Miles. (Inner Turf). 3&up. Fillies and Mares. NY Bred. Maiden Special Weight. Purse: $60,000.

1Galaxy Gal(L)124Lezcano6-4-5Chatterpaul30-1


3Golden Cheetah(L)124Maragh5-3-6Schettino15-1

4East Coast Express(L)119Velasquez6-4-xQuick15-1

5Ampa's Girl(L)124Espinoza5-8-2Morrison15-1

6Sky Lassie(L)119Alvarado7-7-3Contessa12-1

7Chow Fun(L)119Saez4-3-xLevine5-1

8Left Uppercut(L)124Ortiz7-5-3Matties15-1


10Hurricane Jackie(L)119Castellano4-x-xPletcher2-1

11Rufus Ruth(L)119Ortiz, Jr9-x-xBush15-1


Coriander tallied solid final fractions on best efforts last year and compiled tight work tab for return. Familyofroses gets rider upgrade and blinkers/Lasix makeover after non-threatening sixth in debut; improvement expected. Left Uppercut takes blinkers off after setting hot fractions in last; price will be tempting.


1 Mile. (Widener Turf). 3&up. Fillies and Mares. Maiden Special Weight. Purse: $75,000.


2Neolexia(L)119Ortiz, Jr3-6-8Toner10-1

3Winner's Legacy(L)119Maragh2-3-5Weaver8-1

4Ruthie Blue Eyes(L)119Saez8-4-4Kimmel12-1

5Egot(L)119Castellano7-x-xPenna, Jr15-1

6American Lights(L)114Rivera5-9-5Goberdhan50-1

7Giant's Jewel(L)119Prado3-3-2Bush12-1

8Celtic Arch(L)119Rosario4-3-3Clement6-1

9Seductive Charm(L1)119Velasquezx-x-xNihei20-1

10Zip Up119Lezcano2-x-xMcGaughey III3-1


12Glenwood Pines(L1)119Solisx-x-xMott12-1

Main Track Only

13Daddy Loves Gold(L)119No rider6-2-xMott7-2

Neolexia notched swift final fraction when pace and positioned compromised in last; more to give. Zip Up was a tough-trip second in debut and should be aided by today's additional furlong. Ruthie Blue Eyes is speedy and training with a purpose for first start since November; worth long look.


11/8 Miles. (Inner Turf). 3yo. Fillies. THE BIT OF WHIMSY. Purse: $90,000.

2With Sugar On Top(L)118Ortiz, Jr5-1-1McLaughlin6-1

3Caroline Thomas(L)118Saez5-5-3Tagg7-2

4Magnificent Shirl(L)118Velasquez3-7-2Nihei5-1


6Alternative Meds(L)118Ortiz1-1-1Duggan15-1

1Mariel N Kathy(L)122Espinoza3-4-10Schettino5-2

Main Track Only

7Golden Joop(L)118No rider3-1-3McLaughlin7-2

1aFlash Forward(L)118No rider4-8-1Schettino5-2

Maximova logged rapid late pace figure when winning second straight last time; more to come. With Sugar on Top is fleet-footed and favorably posted on the fence on tight-turned turf course. Caroline Thomas gets class relief and owns fast numbers on best efforts.


1 Mile. (Widener Turf). 3&up. Fillies and Mares. NY Bred. Allowance. Purse: $62,000.

1Strike Accord(L)122Saez5-5-7Kimmel8-1

2Mary P. Jones(L)122Espinoza6-9-4Feron12-1

3Flirtatious Spring(L)122Velasquez3-2-1Rice5-1

4A Prettydixie(L)117Solis4-1-2Kelly15-1

5Alwaysinmycircle(L)122Ortiz, Jr5-9-7Schettino20-1

6Funny Money(L)122Rosario1-5-3Brown4-1

7Roses for Romney(L)117Castellano2-1-2Pletcher7-2

8Eurokay by Me(L)122Ortiz3-6-3Schwartz12-1

9Physical Delivery(L)117Lezcano3-6-2Baker20-1

10L C Cinderella122Alvarado1-x-xToner3-1

Main Track Only

11Frosty But Funky(L)117Prado11-8-1Gullo12-1

12She's Stones Sis(L)117Rosario2-4-1Levine5-2

13Tahoe Tigress(L)122No rider1-8-1Englehart7-2

14Nonnie Connie(L)117Ortiz, Jr2-5-6Galluscio4-1

L C Cinderella visually impressed when winning debut in April '12 and logged sharp recent work slate. Flirtatious Spring notched swift 5-furlong work since last outing and now makes peak start of form cycle. Roses for Romney owns speed and fast figs; logical contender.


6 Furlongs. (Inner Turf). 3&up. Fillies and Mares. NY Bred. Allowance. Purse: $57,000.

1John's Mariah(L)117Maragh8-8-4Brown12-1

2My Uptown Gal(L)122Lezcano6-1-2Feron20-1

3Image of Noon(L)119Lezcano1-4-4Ryerson7-2

4Your Time Is Up(L)117Ortiz6-2-1Violette, Jr10-1


6Ready for Therapy(L)119Saez1-6-xLevine4-1

7Rakin' Gold(L)122Espinoza3-10-7Schettino8-1

8Desert Bliss(L)122Ortiz, Jr2-9-2Englehart6-1

9Sharon Spagetti(L)117Rosario3-5-4Rodriguez10-1

10Ave's Halo(L)122Velasquez4-7-5Rice3-1

Main Track Only

11Discreet Force(L)117No rider1-x-xGalluscio12-1

12Bit Bustin(L)117No rider3-2-3Contessa4-1

13White Crane(L)117Velasquez2-4-3Rice7-2

Desert Bliss packs solid stretch kick and should pack intensified wallop with cutback to 6 furlongs. Sharon Spagetti could play out as the main speed in turf debut. Ave's Halo fired half-mile bullet on May 31; right in the thick of this on best.


11/16 Miles. (Widener Turf). 3&up. Maiden Claiming $20,000. Purse: $29,000.

1Muscles Marinara(L)119Ortiz, Jr2-5-4Badgett, Jr7-2

2Pete and David(L)119Espinoza10-3-9Morrison8-1

3Huge Asset(L)119Prado5-4-5Galluscio10-1

4A. M. Mayhem(L)119Maragh3-5-5Brown15-1

5Brandy's Big Guy(L)124Jimenez3-3-6Goodwin12-1

6Aurora Lumiere(L)119Ortiz6-9-xPugh30-1

7Make a Dream(L)119Castellano7-x-xRodriguez3-1


9Market Blaster(L)119Solis4-10-7Badgett, Jr6-1

10Mr. Masterpiece(L)114Rivera7-9-7Pringle50-1


Main Track Only


13Right Now(L)124No rider5-3-2Badgett, Jr6-1

14Sunny Coast(L)119Solis6-7-xSchosberg12-1

15Streets of Fire(L)119Ortiz, Jr2-5-8Persaud4-1

Muscles Marinara tallied career best final fraction when a clear-cut second in last. Market Blaster displayed newfound speed in last; very interesting. Trainingforsuccess gets class relief after compromised by soft fractions in last. Pete and David makes quick return and switches to sod; wakeup potential.

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