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Huefner wins another luge gold for Germany

Tatjana Huefner added yet another layer yesterday to Germany's magnificent run of dominance in the fastest sliding sport, giving her country its ninth women's singles luge gold in 13 Olympic competitions.

Her four-run time of 2 minutes, 46.524 seconds was 0.490 seconds better than Austria's Nina Reithmayer, while Germany's Natalie Geisenberger claimed the bronze. Combined with Felix Loch's win in the men's event, Huefner gave Germany its sixth sweep of singles luge Olympic golds - something no other nation has done even once.

Korean skater in upset

South Korea won another gold at the Olympic speedskating oval as Lee Sang-hwa knocked off two overwhelming favorites in the women's 500 meters. German world-record holder Jenny Wolf and China's Wang Beixing came in expecting to battle for the top spot on the podium, having swept all eight races during the World Cup season. But Lee held off Wolf by five-hundredths of a second, winning with a total time of 1 minute, 16.09 seconds. Wang won bronze.

Japan tops U.S. women

Japan rallied from a three-point deficit to defeat the U.S. women's curling team, 9-7, in a dramatic finish to the opening match that brought out an official measurement. Debbie McCormick threw her final stone with a chance to tie, and both teams wound up with one rock on the edge of the button. They were so close that an official measurement was done, and Japan's rock was a hair closer in the innermost circle. If the U.S. stone had won, the teams would have played an extra end. Earlier, the German men beat the U.S. team, 7-5.

German wins biathlon

Magdalena Neuner of Germany won the women's 10-kilometer biathlon pursuit for her second medal. Bjorn Ferry of Sweden won the men's 12.5-kilometer biathlon pursuit. - AP

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