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Long Island Marathon women's winner is Dayna Perry, of Manhattan

Danya Perry, 45, of New York City, wins

Danya Perry, 45, of New York City, wins the women's race of the Long Island Marathon. Photo Credit: Mike Cusanelli

Danya Perry, 45, of Manhattan, won the women’s Long Island Marathon in an unofficial time of three hours, 54 seconds. Perry said she finished second in the Long Island Marathon in 2003, barely missing a victory.

“The woman who came in before me the last time came in five seconds before me,” Perry said of her experience running the marathon in 2003. “I actually thought she was a half marathoner, so I kind of let her go, much to my chagrin over the past 13 years. So, I’m glad this this time it worked out.”

Perry continued: “I wanted to beat three hours, but I’m happy with it. 

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