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5-oh, oh for Chris Berman

After toning it down for years, ESPN's Chris Berman seems to have ramped up his use of nicknames on the NFL Blitz this season.

Most of the time that doesn't bother me, but Berman got his dated, Hawaii-related pop culture references mixed up Sunday night when he said the Eagles' Brent Celek "Hawaii 5-O's his way into the end zone," when he presumably meant that he Magnum P.I.'ed his way into the end zone.

In honor of Tom Selleck. Get it? Oh, never mind. On to this week's highlights from the Sunday studio shows, as sent by the networks' hard-working p.r. staffs: 

NFL Network's Warren Sapp, before the Panthers-Giants game: "This is a mindset game and the Giaints just have not committed themselves this year to be a tough ballclub."

Fox's Jimmy Johnson: "Brett Favre is infected. He's infected with a disease, and a lot of superstars get this disease. They have so many accolades and are idolized, they start to think they are bigger than the team, are more important than any one individual, including the head coach."

ESPN's Keyshawn Johnson: "I told you … Brad Childress at some point and time is going to screw it up."

CBS' Boomer Esiason: "There's no Emily Post rules of etiquette for sideline discussion between a coach and quarterback. I think this has been blown out of proportion simply because it's Brett Favre."

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