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45° Good Afternoon

A bold (and blind) look at 2011

It’s always fun to look back at New Year’s predictions to see how they turned out.

Fun for you, anyway. Painful for me. So if you want to see how wrong I’ve been in the past, look it up on your own. (Hint: I believe it was in 1995 that I called the Internet a fad.)

I’m moving forward. Four sports business/media predictions for 2011:

1. After officially swallowing NBC in January, Comcast will rebrand Versus, retain both the Olympics and NHL and mount the latest (and most credible) assault on the ESPN monolith.

2. The NFL will somehow make it worth the players’ while to expand to 18 games, thus creating another lucrative TV package. Did you see those Tuesday night ratings this past week?

3. Following a year of excitement over 3D sets in homes and experimentation with 3D telecasts, it will become clear the technology is far from becoming commonplace. Figuring out a way to ditch the glasses is key. 

4. HBO will premiere a scripted drama in which Rex Ryan and Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau play a pair of much loved but unconventional kindergarten teachers. Title: “It’s ---- Snack Time.’’

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