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Good Evening

A quarter century at Newsday

As every school kid well knows, Thursday is a milestone in Long Island's history.

But for those of you who have forgotten, it was 25 years ago, on Aug. 19, 1985, that I began my current run of continuous service to Newsday. (I also had an earlier four-month stint in the autumn of 1982.)

To mark the occasion I annoyed Judy Weinberg of Newsday's hard-working library staff to dig up the microfilm of that day's paper.

Much has changed. In addition to Mets and Yankees stories on the back page, there were references to Canadian Open tennis, LPGA golf and an IndyCar race in Pennsylvania.

Future multi-media star Peter King reported from Giants training camp.

But some things never change. Greg Logan - still with us! - wrote from Jets camp that starting offensive tackles Marvin Powell and Reggie McElroy, as well as first-round draft pick Al Toon, were holding out and/or unsigned.

Coach Joe Walton vowed to prepare to play without them.

Eventually they all signed, and the Jets went 11-5.

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