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A salute to Pinstripe Bowl

Here is a column I wrote for the Friday newspaper about the NHL Winter Classic, a holiday tradition dating all the way back to 2008.

OK, I admit it, I intentionally overstated the degree to which the NHL has knocked college football off the Jan. 1 map just for dramatic effect, and to annoy college football fans, who tend to take themselves too seriously.

But in truth, if the weather-threatened hockey game goes off as scheduled at 1 p.m. Saturday it will bump up against one of the more intriguing non-BCS bowls in Penn State vs. Florida.

Like most New York sports fans I mostly have been annoying the early bowl games, but I did watch the inaugural Pinstripe Bowl Thursday. (The game happens to figure prominently in that hockey column I linked to above.)

It turned out to be a highly entertaining game, and I, um, salute both teams and the Yankees for putting on a good show.

Here and here are stories by Greg Logan and Mark Herrmann that discuss the event and the moronic officiating rule/decision that might have sealed Syracuse's victory.

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