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Actress Elizabeth Banks receives high WatchDog honor

Today WatchDog Nation Enterprises is proud to announce a new feature for the blog, the "Kate Mara WatchDog Woman of the Year Award."

Ms. Mara herself is not eligible because I first met her when she was 12 and because I don't want to get her father and uncle mad at me.

But the ideals for which she stands are a guideline for qualified candidates:

The winner must not be directly employed in the sports business but should be a sports fan and have sports-related experience - i.e. sports movies, TV shows - on her resume.

She must be smart. She must be funny. And, yes, physical attractiveness is helpful.

So is having an entertaining Twitter feed.

Having established the criteria, I am proud to announce that our first winner is Ms. Elizabeth Banks, a star of the football film "Invincible," former tomboy, clever Twitterer, Penn alum and wife of a guy named Max who blogs about the Trail Blazers and wrote a book about fantasy football.


Runnerup: Alison Becker of's "Mayne Street."

Photo: Getty (that's Mara on the far left and Banks next to her)


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