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Albert, Jackson recall '70 Knicks

Speaking of Marv Albert interviews, he also sat down with Lakers coach Phil Jackson for an interview that will air before Thursday night's game on TNT in which the discussion turned to the 1969-70 Knicks, a memorable season in which both men played parts:

Marv: “Now this is the 40th anniversary of that championship Knick team in 1970. Phil, to this day and I know that you show clips of that team to your clubs just to show them the team concept, but I get the idea that it stays with you and will stay with you forever.”

Phil: “You know it’s, I guess it’s like your first love or something, you know it’s the one that kind of comes back as to how it possibly happened and all those things fell together for a championship and that um, you know there’s so many things that happened to a ball club where they had to pull each other together. There’s just all this chemistry that went into a team but we always knew the short period of time we had to just play together and it’s made even shorter now when we look back and see that you know, outside of those guys, New York has never had a championship since.”

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