Good Morning
Good Morning

America is Football Nation

Here is the most recent Harris Interactive poll on America's favorite sports, which reveals . . . well, nothing we didn't know.

Football rules.

In 1985, 24 percent of people who follow at least one sport identified pro football as their favorite, with 23 percent naming baseball.

In 2010, the figures were 31 percent for pro football and 17 for baseball.

That gap actually is a bit narrower than it was last year: 35-16 for football.

Among African-Americans, 45 percent named pro football as their favorite sport, compared to only six (!) for baseball.

Football even beat baseball among Hispanics, 26 percent to 20.

The Harris data includes all sorts of interesting nuggets.

For example: Pro basketball was named by only six percent of people in both 1985 and 2010. But in between, in 1998, that figure was 13 percent. Two words: Michael. Jordan.

College football ranked third on the 2010 list at 12 percent, followed by auto racing (7), then pro basketball (6) and hockey (5).

My vote, for what it's worth: hockey, clearly.

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