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American Needle sticks pin in NFL; Yankees, Mets get big ratings

Here is the potentially big news regarding the Supreme Court's decision in the case of American Needle v. the NFL.

Meanwhile, back in the world of sports that do have antitrust exemptions . . .

The ratings for the Subway Series were strong over the weekend.

Friday's game averaged a combined 9.48 percent of homes in the area, 5.04 on YES and 4.44 on SNY.

Saturday's game averaged 11.0 in New York, Fox's fifth-highest rating ever for New York in the regular season. (Nationally, Fox averaged a 3.6 in major markets for its prime time experiment, a three-year high for its Game of the Week.)

Sunday's game averaged a 12.2 in New York, ESPN's second-highest ever for New York in the regular season and best in 10 years.

Back to newspaper work. Enjoy Erin Andrews and Evan Lysacek on "Dancing With the Stars."

See you tomorrow for the big SB2014 announcement!

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