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Americans enjoy football

Look, I realize you are bored by my posts about NFL ratings by now, but to ignore them would be to not do my job thoroughly. So deal with it.

For example: Monday night's Saints-Falcons tilt lifted ESPN to its best year yet of "Monday Night Football," averaging 9.1 percent of all homes in the U.S. and 14.66 million viewers.

That Saints-Falcons game averaged 19.14 million, making it the third most-viewed scheduled program in the history of cable television.

(The top two were Monday night games last season.)

Meanwhile, on NBC, "Sunday Night Football" is on pace to be the top-rated show of the entire prime time TV season, what with the fading "American Idol" unlikely to take charge this winter.

Tuesday night's game averaged 15.2 percent of homes in major markets, making it the highest-rated Tuesday night show of any kind on any network this TV season.

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