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Anchor away! Russ Salzberg leaving after 27 1/2 years

Russ Salzberg will leave Channel 5’s nightly newscasts at the end of the week, ending 27 1⁄2 years as a local sports anchor, initially at Channel 9 and more recently at Channel 5, both of which are owned by Fox.

“I’m telling you the truth: It’s as amicable as amicable can be,” Salzberg, 64, said late Monday afternoon. “The landscape is changing, things are changing, and I’m exploring other things.”

Sports reports on local news programs are not as important in the modern media age as they once were, and many stations around the nation have shortened or abandoned them altogether. Fox has not named a replacement for Salzberg.

The Daily News first reported that Salzberg would leave the Channel 5 news.

“I’m proud of being in one place for 28 years,” said Salzberg, who said he will continue to work on the Giants’ postgame show on Channel 9 and the Sunday morning Giants kickoff show on Channel 5, as well as other projects.

Salzberg, who grew up in Brooklyn, arrived in New York in the late 1980s after working in Toronto. For a time he co-hosted the midday show on WFAN radio with Steve Somers on a show dubbed “The Sweater and the Schmoozer.” Salzberg was “The Sweater”.

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