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Ari Fleischer quits Tiger Woods' advice squad

Here is a story I wrote for the news section about what Tiger Woods told ESPN and the Golf Channel in his speed-interviewing sessions Sunday.

(CBS turned down a chance for a mini-interview with Mr. Woods.)

I believe I speak for most of America in saying this: "OK. Now shut up and play."

Golf Channel's Kelly Tilghman reported before her chat with her old pal Tiger that former White House spokesman Ari Fleischer has left Woods' media advice squad because he was becoming too much of a focus of stories about Woods' strategy.

Politics aside, Mr. Fleischer's rapid rise as a sports media strategist makes me again question why people and companies continue to pay big money to p.r. "experts."

Here is what Fleischer said in last week's Sports Illustrated when asked whether he regretted another client, Mark McGwire, insisting in his first interview that he used steroids only to stay healthy, not to improve his performance:

"Even if he said, 'I took steroids to aid performance,' he'd have had the same amount of criticism. The bottom line was he came clean."

That, sir, is delusional.

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