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Auburn surfaces after 37 days, wins

What did I think of ESPN's coverage of the BCS Championship Game Monday night - the biggest sports event in the history of cable TV?

I think I only watched the fourth quarter after finishing work on my Mike Francesa story.

But an exciting quarter it was, concluding at a surprisingly civil hour for a college football title game, partly thanks to the relatively low score.

Brent Musburger had some unfortunate moments, such as calling two touchdowns that weren't touchdowns. (There was no excuse for the first; the second mis-call was understandable.)

He also made a cringe-inducing reference to the game's lead sponsor before Auburn's winning field goal.

Was it worth the 37-day wait? Not really, but nothing would have been. College football is a very silly sport.

I'll be back later after ESPN starts sending news releases about astronomical ratings for the game.

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