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Barack Obama's Final Four: Kansas, K. State, Kentucky, Villanova

Speaking of NCAA brackets, in an hour or so I will post President Obama's men's picks, as detailed in an interview with ESPN's Andy Katz scheduled to debut on the noon SportsCenter.

Last year, the Big O correctly chose North Carolina on ESPN. His Final Four for this year are Kansas, Kansas State, Kentucky and Villanova.

Obama also filled out a women's bracket and was interviewed on that subject by Doris Burke. His title choice will appear at 9 a.m. Friday. His Final Four: UConn, Notre Dame, Stanford and Tennessee.

All of which is good fun, and good for ESPN. But what about CBS, which actually televises the men's tournament?

Just last week, CBS Sports president Sean McManus issued an open invitation to have Obama fill out his bracket on the network.

"We actually through our Washington bureau have reached out to the president,"  McManus said.

"If he would like to complete his brackets on CBS, we would love to have him there. It was a great experience with Clark [Kellogg] and Verne [Lundquist] a while back [when he sat in on a game telecast] and I think he enjoyed it.

"We're pleased he was on CBS, pleased he’s a big fan of college basketball. So, any involvement he would like to have, up to and including Jim Nantz’s role."

(McManus was kidding about that last part. I think.)

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