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Barack Obama takes a stand: Clark Kellogg over Dick Vitale

Barack Obama has been feistier than usual since his State of the Union Address, and he demonstrated it again Saturday by taking a stand on another divisive issue of our time:

Who is the best college basketball analyst?

Dick Vitale has the advantage of incumbency, but Obama stood for change during an appearance with CBS' announcers at Saturday's Duke-Georgetown game:

"Nobody can keep up with Clark [Kellogg]," he said. "He's the best color man in college basketball. That's what I am talking about."

Later, Obama said, "After retirement, I am coming after your job, Clark. I am just letting you know. You either have three more years or seven, I am not sure which. But you need to plan accordingly because I am going to do some play-by-play."

Sounds more like he is going after Jim Nantz's job, but it might just work. Obama did correctly pick the winner of last year's NCAA Tournament.

Ronald Reagan went from sportscasting to the White House; it's time for someone to try the reverse path.

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