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BCS delay is tweet sorrow

God created Twitter to give wise guys (and gals) a forum to lob verbal spitballs into the Internet ether, and not a moment too soon!

Take my recent tweets re Monday night’s BCS title tilt. (They are finally playing, right?) Samples:

Sherman's March to the Sea (in 1864): 36 days. Wait for Oregon and Auburn: 37 days.

Giants' 2007 regular-season finale to winning SB in Glendale, four wins later: 36 days. Oregon and Auburn wait to play in Glendale: 37.

By kickoff Jan. 10, radio signals from the most recent Oregon and Auburn games will have traveled about 600 billion miles into space.

William Henry Harrison's term as U.S. President: 31 days. Wait for Oregon and Auburn: 37.

Oregon football team has arrived in Arizona! They flew, but they could have walked if they averaged 33 miles over 37 days.

Battle of Iwo Jima: 36 days. Wait for Oregon and Auburn: 37.


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