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Be careful what you wish for, cable television viewers

I am not going to take sides in the carriage dispute between Cablevision and the Food Network/HGTV, just as I didn't in the Fox vs. Time Warner or DirecTV vs. Versus scraps

But I will offer this, and I have been writing and saying it since long before Cablevision purchased Newsday:

Viewers tend to want their favorite channels on their televisions, period, and when they disappear they blame their distributor, not the content provider.

Then, when their favorite channels do appear - inevitably at a higher monthly subscriber price to the distributor - they again blame the distributor when their monthly bill rises.

It's a dynamic similar to fans demanding their favorite team sign high-priced free agents, then resenting the team for raising ticket prices to finance the personnel moves.

The fact broadcast networks such as Fox now have jumped into the monthly subscriber fee game means the price pressure on your bill only will increase.

Until there are more varied programming packages or full-blown a la carte programming, there is no end in sight to the increasingly bloated landscape of cable channels and fees.

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