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Bill Buckner turns d'oh! into dough

Tuesday night I was honored to attend an event at the MSG studios across Seventh Avenue from the Garden to preview MSG's March 1-4 series on the 1986 Mets.

Had long talks with Davey Johnson, who expressed sympathy for the Wilpons here, and with Bill Buckner, who was extraordinarily patient in discussing you-know-what. He said card shows paid for his children's college educations.

(I was there for Game 6, BTW, sitting in the loge behind third base for the outrageous ticket price of . . . $30!)

(Buckner looks so much like Daily News sportswriter Wayne Coffey it is creepy.)

I also spoke at the party to MSG's Walt Frazier, who told me what he plans to wear for the Lakers game Friday night. I will share that information . . . when I feel like doing so.

Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton were there. I had a brief conversation with the latter about the Mark Sanchez-dating-a-17-year-old story with which they opened Wednesday morning's WFAN/MSG show.

Bobby Baccalieri was there.

What do I think about the Sanchez story? Journalistically, nothing. As the father of teenaged daughters . . . I consider it an excellent lecture topic.

High-ranking MSG poobahs Hank Ratner, Mike Bair and Dan Ronayne also were there. Mr. Dolan was not, so I was unable to ask about 'Melo.

There were some Rangers in the house, but I was not familiar with them. Landry Fields was there, wearing a Nuggets cap for some reason. (Just kidding. He was not. Wearing a Nuggets cap, I mean. He really was there.)

The highlight of my Tuesday was when the great @EricStangel made a Twitter joke about the NFL arranging for Cameron Diaz to feed popcorn to the 400 displaced Super Bowl ticketholders.

I beat him to that by more than a day! The incident led to an exchange of direct Twitter messages between the two comic geniuses. In no way did I suspect him of lifting the idea. I know he came up with it independently. I was just honored to be in his comic company.

Meanwhile, Dave Anderson wrote a column about the Packers in the Times. Only Dave could casually mention that he was on the Packers bench for the 1962 NFL Championship Game and that he was in the stands for the 1944 title game and saw Don Hutson play.

In my next sportswriting life I hope to be Dave Anderson.

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