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Bon Jovi rocks Meadowlands

The only weather concern at New Meadowlands Stadium's first concert Wednesday night was heat, but many thousands of fans came out anyway to watch Bon Jovi christen the facility as a music venue.

Here is an account of the event.

I missed the concert but did see the setup for it when I was at the stadium for the post-Super Bowl news conference earlier in the day.

It was an interesting spectacle, what with all of the assorted governors, owners and coaches on hand.

Politics aside, I do think it's nice that New York and New Jersey both have governors who are avid sports fans and good at throwing off on-liners in news conferences.

New York's David Paterson recalled the joy of being a Jets fan for Super Bowl III, and referenced the play on which Colts quarterback Earl Morrall failed to see a wide-open Raymond Berry. It was Jimmy Orr, actually, but he seemed so enthusiastic I feel bad calling him out on it.

Speaking of Super Bowl III, the video the bid committee showed to owners - which was shown to reporters Wednesday - included the oft-repeated, incorrect notion that the Jets' victory "paved the way" for the AFL-NFL merger.

In fact, the merger had been agreed to more than two years earlier.

While I'm on the topic of historical inaccuracies, I heard and read several times in recent days that the NFL owed the late Giants co-owner Wellington Mara a debt of gratitude for the visionary stand he took 50 years ago on sharing TV revenue.

Look, I respect Mr. Mara as much as anyone, but the man himself said he was against the idea and had to be talked into it by his older brother, Jack.

OK, I'm done now. This is why they used to call me Mr. Minutiae on the Giants beat.

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