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Brent Musburger still having fun

Brent Musburger on the set of ESPN's College

Brent Musburger on the set of ESPN's College Football Live. (July 21, 2008) Credit: Joe Faraoni

Dear Coach Lavin: In the future, please refrain from losing to Seton Hall and getting ejected from the game on the same day I write a nice feature about you in the paper.

Thank you for your consideration, sir.

Speaking of the above feature, after asking his former ESPN partner, Brent Musburger, about Lavin, I asked him about himself.

Musburger, 71, now has been at ABC/ESPN for 21 years, longer than the 17-year stint at CBS that made him famous, and he still gets plum assignments such as the BCS Championship Game.

How long does he plan to keep at it? "Until I stop having fun or they kick me out," he said. "From my standpoint there is nothing better than being around competition. I still enjoy it, no matter what the game is or whatever we’re doing."

Musburger described himself as a sports "junkie" who would be watching and reading about them even if he weren't working. But he still likes the working part.

"I love the fact ESPN does so many games and keeps an old guy like me busy," he said.

Doesn't he get tired? "I know a lot of the TSA people by first name now, so I don’t let travel bother me," he said. "You learn how to deal with it and you just don’t get mad at people. You just keep going."

Old-timers still think of Musburger as a CBS guy, but for anyone under 30 or so, that might as well have been a different person.

"People ask me about 'The NFL Today' all the time, and [younger people] wonder what was 'The NFL Today.' They have no idea."

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