Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Brian Cashman runs Yankees media matters with a steady hand

I visited the big ballpark in the Bronx Monday, spoke to Brian Cashman and Joe Girardi and wrote this story about the 180 degree turn in the Yankees' approach to dealing with the news media since the heyday of George Steinbrenner.

GM Brian Cashman has been the driving force behind the change, and it has made life much more sane and predictable in Yankees-land for all concerned.

I forgot to include something Newsday beat writer Erik Boland told me Monday, which was that during spring training scribes and the Yankees coaching staff, including Girardi, got  together for a paintball competition.

This nicely illustrates the changing times.

In the wild old days, Billy Martin certainly interacted with New York writers, but it most likely would have happened in the hotel bar or some other place featuring adult beverages.

These days, the team is interested in fostering writer-manager relations, but under Cashman and Girardi it happens in the form of an organized, official outing, always painting inside the numbers.

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