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51° Good Morning

Buck, Aikman rate SBXLII No. 1

I was supposed to be on ESPN's "Outside the Lines" Thursday to talk about the Le Mess de Mets, but when I got to the network's Manhattan offices I was told I had been cancelled!

I settled for a tour and a nice chat with former Newsday copy editor, former Daily News sports editor and current grand poobah Leon Carter.

Before leaving on my Manhattan goose chase, I wrote this story about Joe Buck and Troy Aikman reflecting on their most recent Super Bowl announcing experience, at Super Bowl XLII in Glendale, Ariz.

Perhaps you remember it.

Speaking of the Super Bowl, the worst thing by far about the Jets losing the AFC Championship game was that I was not among the 30 or so scribes in attendance Wednesday night for the surprise farewell party for the Bergen Record's Vinny DiTrani after 42 years covering the NFL.

DiTrani, nicknamed "Sage" by Bill Parcells in the mid-1980s, has covered the Giants since 1974 (not counting a brief mid-2000s interlude as a columnist).

I would share with you the tribute poem I texted to Glauber to have him read at the dinner, but I am pretty sure I can't include some of the language I used here.

Even worse: The dinner was at the Blue Goose, my all-time favorite Giants road trip restaurant. Here is a picture of their world famous nachos, courtesy of the Star-Ledger's Mike Garafolo:

Mrs. WatchDog tried to order Blue Goose food flown in for me because she felt bad, a lovely gesture that alas proved unworkable. She has promised me Blue Goose-style nachos Sunday as a consolation price.

Well, that's that for this morning. I have a lot of stuff to write about the Super Bowl for the Sunday paper now.

Enjoy the Andy Pettitte news conference on YES at 10:30 a.m., and enjoy the unsealing of the lawsuit brought by Irving Picard against the Wilpons. Looking forward to reading Picard's take on it in the Saturday Times and the Wilpons' take on it in the Saturday Daily News.

Man your positions, everyone!

Sigh. There is nothing more exciting for sports fans two days before Super Bowl Sunday than the unsealing of a lawsuit!

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