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Good Evening

Call Jose Canseco for $50

Jose Canseco's latest run through the press gauntlet involves him sending his twin brother, Ozzie, in his place for a celebrity boxing match in Florida last week.

And now he wants to explain the real story to you. Actually, he wants you to call him at 310-862-6309 so he can tell you. Seriously.

It's a $50 per minute charge, with the proceeds going to charity, according to the press release from MyFanline.

My Fanline is a company that provides private press lines to celebrities, who then set the per-minute rate they want to charge. The celebrities, of which Canseco is part of that group given his pro athlete days, Madonna rumors, "Juiced" book and appearance on "Celebrity Apprentice," get paid instantly for their interviews and donate to a cause of their choice.

Presumably, you can ask him whatever you want to ask, although we're not positive since we're not quite prepared to shell out 50 bones to hear Canseco talk. The money we spent to read "Juiced" was enough.

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