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52° Good Morning

Cano's sideburns, Reese on Rolle

Just watched a 12-minute clip from the YES Network special, "Getting to Know Cano," that premieres at 7 p.m. Thursday, in which Jack Curry visits the Yankees second baseman in the Dominican Republic.

No big revelations, other than Cano's extremely interesting offseason sideburn/beard combo. But it was nice seeing people playing baseball and looking warm and not shoveling snow.

Speaking of YES, I also watched the latest "This Week in Football," in which Kimberly Jones had an interesting sitdown with Giants GM Jerry Reese.

Here is what Reese said about the recent radio interviews in which safeties Antrel Rolle and Kenny Phillips said some negative stuff about Tom Coughlin:

"I think they're both good people. If we make a couple of plays, if Antrel made a play back there, if Kenny Phillips makes a play back there, we're not having this conversation. We're probably still playing and everybody would be saying, 'Tom Coughlin, he's got a great formula.' That's the way it goes in the National Football League."

Then there was this, from a conversation Reese said he had wth Rolle:

"Less is more with the media. You do more on the field, you lead more on the field, you let your play do the talking, and he said he was 200 percent in, and I believe him."

A more buttoned-up Rolle in 2011? Say it ain't so!

One more thing about YES: I was busy with the Jets the day the Yankees introduced Rafael Soriano at a news conference, the one where GM Brian Cashman publicly disagreed with the signing.

What's that you say? YES skipped the event? Hmm. 

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