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CBS eyes New Orleans takeover

Beyonce performs on ABC's "Good Morning America" in

Beyonce performs on ABC's "Good Morning America" in New York. (July 1, 2011) Credit: AP

Strange but true: There were far more journalists and people in suits (and even some journalists in suits) at CBS’ event Tuesday previewing its Super Bowl coverage in New Orleans than there were at the Rex Ryan/Woody Johnson presser at the same time.

Such is the power of the Super Bowl, an event that draws from the worlds of sports, news, business and show biz. (Plus, CBS’ event was catered.)

Speaking of show biz, my favorite line of the day came from CBS president and former Newsday paperboy Leslie Moonves, after CBS Sports boss Sean McManus endorsed the NFL’s choice of Beyonce for the halftime show.

“I actually wanted Janet Jackson,’’ joked Moonves, recalling an infamous halftime show on CBS many moons ago.

Much more about CBS' plans later this month, but suffice to say the network plans the most extensive takeover of a Super Bowl town ever attempted by a broadcaster, including a multi-set, all-week presence in Jackson Square.

“There are going to be four stages set up,’’ Moonves said. “It’s going to be a four-ring circus like you’ve never seen before.’’

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