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CBS has Tim Tebow in grasp!

The Battle of the Network Stars 2011 is over.

CBS, reportedly with the support of powerful Patriots owner Robert Kraft, managed to hold off a push from NBC to get the NFL to flex the Dec. 18 Patriots-Broncos game into prime time. Instead, the game will remain in CBS' 4:15 p.m. window.

The good news: This was the fairest decision. CBS already had had a Tim Tebow thriller snatched away from it this past weekend and handed over to Fox, fallout from another flex scheduling decision.

Plus, the point of the flex system is not to give NBC the best possible game. It is to avoid stinkers. Ravens-Chargers hardly qualifies as a stinker.

The bad news: Because the Jets-Eagles game will be shown on CBS at 4:15 p.m., the Pat-Broncos game will not be seen in these parts.

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