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CBS, NBC revisit JFK assassination through football eyes

1963: ROGER STAUBACH Quarterback, Navy Roger Staubach's 1,356-point

Quarterback, Navy
Roger Staubach's 1,356-point margin over Billy Lothridge of Georgia Tech is the seventh largest in Heisman history. Staubach became the second Navy player in four years to win the Heisman and one of the few to win it as a junior. Credit: AP

No aspect of the assassination of John F. Kennedy will go un-reexamined over the next week, including its impact on the sports world. Two documentaries worth your time on that front:

First, Thursday night CBS Sports Network offers “Marching On: 1963 Army-Navy Remembered,’’ about that year’s epic, controversial showdown, which not only impacted the national mood but also the national championship race.

Among the talking heads: Navy’s Heisman Trophy winner, Roger Staubach, and Bill Belichick, whose father was a Navy assistant at the time.

Then, on Wednesday of next week, NBC Sports Network and Commack’s own Bob Costas revisit the aftermath of the assassination through the eyes of the 1963 Cowboys, focusing primarily on their game in Cleveland that weekend.

Among the nuggets from that strange day: Browns owner Art Modell ordered the public address announcer to call the Cowboys only by their nickname and never to utter the word “Dallas’’ for fear of inflaming fans.

Says Cowboys Hall of Famer Bob Lilly: "Everywhere we went for the next couple of years, people booed us when we ran out on the field."

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