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Chris Russo is not a big fan of NY/NJ Super Bowl

Gotta go now. Let's wrap up our blogging day by going back to the debate over Super Bowl XLVIII, on which Sirius XM's Chris Russo apparently has an opinion opposite that of his old WFAN partner, Mike Francesa.

Russo is not a big fan of the idea.

A caller on Tuesday suggested the travel logistics won't be so bad.

“Make arrangements, take the Holland Tunnel, I mean, come on! Be a little flexible!” he said.

Said Russo:

“Well hold on now! Time out! Why should some poor slob who lives here every day of his life, who does nothing but commute and work his rear end off, why should he be flexible? He’s got to bend over backwards? He’s got to go over the Verrazano Narrows Bridge now so we get Al Davis’ old lady out to the Meadowlands? You gotta be kidding me!”

Ciao. Enjoy the resumption of the suspended Yankees-Twins game. What happened there, anyway? Did the roof of the Metrodome blow off or something?

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