The sports media silliness never stops, even when you drive all the way to Cortland to try to escape it.

Actually, spending four hours in a car makes it worse sometimes.

Thank you to the several people who emailed me to make sure I knew about it, but I did hear ESPN Radio's Colin Cowherd bashing those - most notably WFAN's Craig Carton and Boomer Esiason - who have asserted ESPN overdid it Tuesday in covering the latest Brett Favre non-retirement.

At least in this case, Ca-Boom was right, of course. As for the part where Cowherd accused WFAN of consistently overdoing it on Mets coverage because it is the team's flagship station . . . I don't buy that.

Like all sports talk stations, WFAN talks mostly about whatever local team is losing games at any given time. Winners are boring.

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Hence there has been more Mets than Yankees talk this season.

But if the Yankees aren't careful, they will start to catch up soon.

Speaking of which . . . I will be unable to blog the rest of the day, but advance congratulations to Alex Rodriguez, who is certain to hit his 600th career home run in his second at-bat today. Remember where you read it first.

(UPDATE: What I meant to say was he'd do it in his first at-bat today.)