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Dan Patrick mentored TV rookies Rodney Harrison, Tony Dungy

Some stuff from Dan Patrick that did not fit into my newspaper column about him:

Patrick said he would love for his nationally syndicated radio program to be available in the New York area, but there is no prospect of that on the immediate horizon.

"For a while I was concerned about it, but I just think I'm doing [the show] and I let others worry about it," he said. "I won't be back on [1050] ESPN and the FAN is local. If it happens, it'll be on maybe an FM statio that changes over [to sports]."

Regarding his decision to leave ESPN in 2007, Patrick said, "The last three years at the Mothership I was my own worst enemy because I signed up to do everyting.

"It's still a great place. They had outgrown me or I had outgrown them. I think it was the right time for both of us. I didn’t want to work there begrudgingly. I think I’d gotten lazy with my work."

First-year analysts Rodney Harrison and Tony Dungy credited Patrick with being a mentor and a key factor in the improvement of NBC's "Football Night in America" studio show.

"They came in with no preconceived ideas and ego and I just said, 'I need you guys to trust me,'" he said.

To Dungy specifically, Patrick said he said, "'If I’m your [television version of] Peyton Manning to a lesser degree just know I’m not going to lead you down a path you can't come back from, but I’m going to push you for answers.'

"If you said [Dungy] would be half this good I’d have been thrilled."

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