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Daniel Murphy returns to Mets, Mike Francesa talks about him

Mike Francesa at his Manhasset home on Thursday,

Mike Francesa at his Manhasset home on Thursday, March 13, 2014. Credit: Chris Ware

Mike Francesa opened his WFAN radio show Thursday by discussing . . . what else? Daniel Murphy and his recently arrived bundle of joy.

"Little did I know I was going to start a national dialogue [Wednesday]," Francesa said after both he and WFAN's morning show were hit with a barrage of criticism after commenting on the delicate matter of paternity leave.

"I cannot believe how erroneous a lot of it was," he said of coverage of his take.

He did add, "I stand by everything I said," insisting that he said nothing that could be interpreted as an attack on Murphy.

"The 10-day policy that I went off on was CBS' and [producer Brian] Monzo," he said. "It had nothing to do with Murphy and baseball. We knew it was three [days off]. I had Monz check. I didn't know what it was. I thought it might be five. It was three. And I knew that because I had Monz check.

"He then told me that CBS' policy that affected him was 10, which I went off on. Did not go off on baseball's, never thought baseball's was 10, and knew that CBS was 10, number one.

"Number two: What I said yesterday, to clarify, because a lot of people got it all screwed up, was that if you are someone who has a job like a major league player like Murphy or someone like me you have a unique job and you have the wherewithal to maybe afford care that other people might not and stuff like that, then you get back to work.

"As long as everything's fine, get back to work. Two days, you get back to work. That's the end of it. That's all I said. That was it, OK, as far as the baseball rule, and I stand by that. I think two days is plenty and get back to work. That's it, as long as everything's fine.

"You don't need to be gone more than that, you get back to work. And that's what Murphy did. He's in the lineup today, so he got back to work. I never said one word about Murphy. Why would I say something about a guy who played every day last year? He missed one game. So the other stuff was just so erroneously reported it was ridiculous.

"I mean they got it completely wrong. The guy I was making fun of was Monzo, mostly about the 10 days, which I don't agree with at all or longer than that, which we can debate."


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