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Dave Maloney recalls a 'more innocent' Cup Final vibe in '79

DAVE MALONEY Captain: Oct. 11, 1978 - Dec.

Captain: Oct. 11, 1978 - Dec. 6, 1980
Credit: Topps

Dave Maloney remembers the Stanley Cup Final being a big deal in 1979, when he captained the Rangers in their five-game loss to the Canadiens.

But compared to what he has seen this time around as the Rangers’ radio analyst?

“It’s overwhelmingly different,’’ he said. “The world has changed a thousand-fold since ’79 in a number of ways, especially with the media and the league.

“Perhaps I get a little sentimental, but it seemed a little more innocent then, not nearly as planned, not nearly as big a business. But maybe that’s just hindsight, the price of progress.’’

Maloney, .57, recalled that after winning Game 1in Montreal, the only sense the players got of the reaction back home was from Rangers president Sonny Werblin having New York newspapers delivered to the team hotel.

“It’s by leaps and bounds bigger,’’ he said. “But like I said, I might be guilty of being a little over-sentimental. I just think it seemed a lot simpler then.’’

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