Mostly I've been staying out of the network late-night wars, letting Verne Gay handle all that while I remain a bemused bystander.

But this a.m. NBC Sports chairman Dick Ebersol weighed in to begin the p.r. counter-offensive against Conan, which makes it fair game for me to link to this story, in which the ever-quotable Mr. Ebersol calls barbs aimed at Jay Leno by O'Brien and David Letterman "chicken-hearted and gutless."

Oh, my. Tough to describe Jimmy Kimmel that way, though, not after he attacked Leno to his face Thursday night - well, to his face via satellite, technically, but still.

Yikes. Why can't sports TV types be funny and bitter at the same time like these late-night comics?

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(I made a little joke about NBC's late-night situation on Twitter this morning, but my other joke about Carlos Beltran got way more re-tweets.) 

Photo: NBC