Good Morning
Good Morning

Did we mention Super Bowl Sunday was warm?

Sunbathing at Jones Beach. (June 24, 2013)

Sunbathing at Jones Beach. (June 24, 2013) Credit: Gaby Chiha

So based on the weather forecast for Tuesday, today (Monday) is the 57th and final day on which the high temperature in East Rutherford, N.J., will not exceed the high of 54 degrees reached on Super Bowl Sunday.

It is an amazing streak that illustrates the glory and power of the NFL - which rolled the dice on a cold weather Super Bowl in what turned out to be a maddeningly cold, snowy winter and yet ended up with a freakishly warm game day on which the temperature at kickoff was 49.

The next day, naturally, there was a snowstorm..

(There have been three days since Feb. 2 that have also hit 54 degrees at MetLife Stadium, including Saturday, according to the daily highs and lows posted on At one point Saturday the site showed the temperate was 55 degrees there, causing me to write in Sunday's paper that that marked the end of the streak. But somehow when the official daily high and low were posted on the site it said the high was 54, so the streak actually continued.)

Speaking of the NFL, late Saturday afternoon I was minding my own business at my hotel on the Duke campus, enjoying an adult beverage and sitting with Mrs. WatchDog and two of her close Dukie friends when Roger Goodell came upon us.

I told him I would be going to my first game at Cameron Indoor Stadium, and he said he would be, too.

Later we also ran into Jason Garrett, Tony Romo and Sal Paolantonio at the hotel. I also saw Kerry Rhodes and Jay Williams and Nets GM Billy King there. All of the above ended up at the game.

Barry Switzer and Billy Tubbs also were there, but I did not run into them.

Then I took a break from collecting names to drop and actually watched the game, which was not a great one but certainly was as great an atmosphere as advertised.

There were many very young, very smart, very sweaty young adults in the house wearing copious quantities of blue paint.

They had been waiting in tents for two months for the big game, so I suppose they had a right to be nutty.

Anyway, that's one fewer item on my bucket list. Next season: The Palestra.


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