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Doc Emrick really likes hockey

Here is a feature I wrote for the Sunday newspaper about Mike (Doc) Emrick of MSG Plus, NBC and Versus.

Yes, I know it would have been more timely before the Devils' latest first-round flameout.

But he'll still be on Versus and NBC for the duration of the playoffs!

Here is some Doc-related stuff that didn't make it into the paper:

He said he sometimes gets carried away in creatively using language, as in a game in Columbus when he referenced the fact the Blue Jackets' name was inspired by the city's key role with the Union Army, including the manufacture of its uniforms.

"They dumped the puck in and I said, 'They fixed their bayonets and went after it,'" Emrick recalled. "Then I said, 'Forget it, Chico, that's too dramatic.'"

On the Devils' low profile compared to the Rangers':

"We've got a bunch of people out there in their 20s who weren't raised on the Rangers, unlike prior fans. The sense I get is this is a franchise that is appealing much more to the 20s and 30s people."

On what he tells college students:

"People come in and say it's a tough business. You aren't going to make any money at it. It's highly competitive. They'll tell you that, and it's true. But you get in free. You get a good seat for the game and watch the best athletes in the world.

"It's worth aspiring to. There's nothing that says you have to hate your job."

Chico Resch on his partner of 12 years, the longest pairing of any pro sports duo on TV in the New York market:

"The thing I like about Doc the best is he’s an overachiever. He’s not this natural announcer with a big voice when he came into the sport. He didn’t play hockey. He has to work his tail off.

"He is like a guy you draft say in the fifth or sixth round with potential, who's got some good stuff but all of a sudden he becomes the best in the business. He's a true extension of what hockey is all about. A little guy can still make it on the ice."

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