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DVD touches Alaska game

Took advantage of the end-of-year quiet Wednesday to watch my DVD of "Touching the Game: Alaska," a documentary on the Alaska Baseball League.

At 100 minutes it's a little longer than it needs to be, but it does a fine job exploring the unique experience that is playing and watching the national pastime at its northernmost outpost.

Among those interviewed are Alaska veterans Tom Seaver, Dave Winfield, Chris Chambliss, Bill Lee and Terry Francona, as well as more recent alumni, several of whom are active big leaguers, including Jason Giambi, J.D. Drew and Jacoby Ellsbury.

Former major league pitcher Mike Timlin narrates.

Local resident Sarah Palin makes an appearance at a Mat-Su Miners game and throws out the first pitch, which is on target but bounces to the catcher from around home plate.

Peter Gammons talks about his 1984 visit to write about the league - which caused quite a stir among the young sports reporters working in Alaska at the time - and there is footage of the 100th Midnight Sun game in 2006.

I had the privilege of covering the 1983 Midnight game. Watching the DVD was a strange experience for me, because several people I know are in it, but they seem to have aged 25 years since I last saw them.

The film will make you want to visit the Last Frontier, or at least it should. Especially if you like to fish.

There is no broadcast or theatrical schedule for the film yet, but you can purchase it and/or read more about it here.

Photo: AP

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