Overcast 49° Good Morning
Overcast 49° Good Morning

Eldrick Woods on ESPN/CBS, John Smoltz on TBS/MLB

Good morning, remaining members of WatchDog Nation!

Tuesday I was off the blogging grid but had an enjoyable day talking about my job with students at Newfield High School in Selden, then making a rare visit to the mothership in Melville.

While there I wrote this story about Tiger Woods' pending return, in which I point out some potentially awkward television scheduling realities regarding his first two rounds of play.

I also wrote a brief story on TBS' new regular-season baseball announcing lineup, featuring Brian Anderson, Ernie Johnson and Dick Stockton, with John Smoltz as an analyst.

(Here is the AP version, which expands upon the Smoltz part. Smotlz also has joined the MLB Network.)

TBS has not announced its play-by-play man for the ALCS, but it won't be Johnson or Stockton. The candidates are Anderson - currently the Brewers' lead voice - or a PBPer to be named later.

Anderson was my suggestion for TBS from the day it fired Chip Caray, so I'll stick with that pick.

Speaking of picks, I filled out my brackets this morning, after vowing to take a minimalist approach this year.

Only one men's bracket, for my daughter's Yahoo group.

Final Four: Georgetown, Pitt, Villanova, West Virginia.

Winner: WVa.

Only one women's bracket, for ESPN's media challenge.

Final Four: Stanford, Tennessee, UConn, Oklahoma.

Winner: Stanford.

Only one survivor pool, because I'm the defending champ, and it's for charity. First pick: Marquette.

You should play March Melee on I'd join, but I want to leave the prizes available to our loyal readers.

Good luck to one and all.

I promise not to bore you with how I'm doing as the tournaments unfold. Well, only a little.

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