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Good Afternoon

Erin Andrews' ESPN future uncertain

I confess I have been forgetting to watch the College World Series as carefully as perhaps I should.

Come to think of it, I've been forgetting since 1982, when I did watch most of the games as I pondered being an unemployed college graduate. (Phil Stephenson! Spike Owen! Nelson Santovenia! Oh, never mind.)

But this year's tournament could be an important moment in sports TV history, what with Erin Andrews' contract with ESPN winding down and her future up in the air.

I have not spoken to Ms. Andrews about this directly, but the sense I get from talking to people at ESPN is that she would be happy to stay and the network would be happy to have her.

The tricky thing is figuring out how much of a premium to pay for a sideline reporter who happens to be hugely more famous than most sideline reporters.

Justifying such a premium might require finding something for Erin to do in addition to reporting, which is something she has expressed interest in doing.

I am not sure how this is going to play out, but I'm confident both ESPN and Andrews will do just fine moving forward regardless.


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