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Erin Andrews is her 'own worst critic'

Erin Andrews attends the 2013 Fox Sports Media

Erin Andrews attends the 2013 Fox Sports Media Group Upfront after party at Roseland Ballroom in New York City. (March 5, 2013) Credit: Getty

Since leaving ESPN for Fox last summer, Erin Andrews has done a little bit of everything, which is how she likes it.

“That’s why I came,’’ she said. “I know a lot of people were like, ‘Where is she? Why would she go?’’

She cited working at the Daytona 500, handing out the NLCS and World Series trophies and covering the NFL playoffs. “It’s been the right move,’’ she said.

And with the announcement Tuesday of an all-sports channel, Fox Sports 1, the possibilities should further expand. “This is so exciting, because it’s exactly what they’re talking about,’’ Andrews said. “It’s all the different ways they can use their talent in creative, fun ways that they weren’t able to do before.’’

Andrews’ most regular role is as host of the network’s college football studio show. She said when she took the job that she needed to improve in that job, and she now says, “I still do. It will forever be the area that I need to improve in. Every Sunday I would go into the [Fox NFL] studio and these guys would be in there and they’re like, ‘How are you doing?’ And I’d say, ‘Well, I stink here, I’m horrible here, I need to improve here,' and they were like, ‘We have how many years under our belts and you have one year.’

“But that is, I think, the reason I have been able to have success in this business is because I’m my worst critic, I’m so hard on myself, I don’t shake anything off. I would be terrible quarterback, because if I threw an interception I’d be done for the game. Learning to shake things off has been hard for me, but it’s also made me better.’’

Andrews said she has “no regrets’’ about leaving ESPN. “The one thing is I’m a creature of habit,” she said. “It was hard making the move because of missing all my friends, but this has become my family now and my friends there will always be my friends and family. But this was the best move I could ever make.’’

Andrews lives in New York and commutes weekly to the Fox studios in Los Angeles in the fall. How did that go?

“It’s OK; as it turns out now my boyfriend lives in L.A., so I’m doing it anyway,” she said, referring to the Kings’ Jarret Stoll. “It’s fine. For football season I was traveling all the time [for ESPN] anyway. I hadn’t been home in 10 years during football season. And it’s a direct flight. Half the time my flights [to college towns] were that long anyway.’’

Fox’s Michael Strahan also makes the New York-to-L.A. commute every weekend, thanks to his jobs on “Live with Kelly and Michael’’ and in Fox’s NFL studio.

Said Andrews of Strahan’s gig: “I would just like to get in there and co-host when [Kelly Ripa] goes on vacation and get a few days there.’’

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