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Erin Andrews rested, ready for Fox debut

Sportscaster Erin Andrews arrives at Rolling Stone's Bacardi

Sportscaster Erin Andrews arrives at Rolling Stone's Bacardi Bash: 150 Years of Rocking The Party at The Crane Bay in Indianapolis. (Feb. 4, 2012) Credit: Getty Images

Erin Andrews’ move from ESPN to Fox was announced last Sunday, but it wasn’t until mid-week that she was able to sleep soundly and focus on her first major assignment: reporting from a dugout at Tuesday’s All-Star Game.

“I’m so excited to start,’’ she said  Thursday. “I didn’t want to wait ‘til college football season to hold the microphone with a different mike flag.’’

The next challenge will be remembering to say “Fox’’ and not “ESPN’’ after eight years with the Worldwide Leader. To guard against that, she repeated “Fox’’ to herself as she walked around her apartment this week.

“It won’t happen,’’ she said. “It’s now in my head.’’

Andrews, 34, said her primary motivation was to challenge herself by expanding beyond sideline reporting, a task that had started to be a bit too comfortable. “I like being nervous,’’ she said.

Her friend and now fellow former ESPNer Dan Patrick advised her to give herself a “kick in the butt" professionally.

Thus her signature role at Fox: studio host for its new prime time college football package, a skill that she does not view as a current strength. “I need to get better in the studio,’’ she said.

As for the NFL, Andrews’ experience is so limited she said she is looking forward to introducing herself to Bill Belichick or Tom Brady, two guys most journalists who have been around the league for the past decade have run into frequently.

 “The NFL is very important to me,’’ she said. “I still want to work in college; it also was important for me to graduate.’’

Andrews moved to New York in January; now she must commute to Los Angeles for the Fox show each weekend. How does that square with her publicly stated desire to at some point settle down and start a family?

“I don’t have a life during the football season anyway,’’ she said.

Andrews eventually aspires to do non-sports work for Fox as well. She is aware of the perception ABC's “Good Morning America’’ chose not to use her as often as many had expected during her ESPN days.

But she said “that wasn’t the case at all. It was really hilarious when we read that. GMA just could not fit into my schedule. They called me at the Super Bowl to do something on Gisele [Bundchen] and Abby Manning.’’

If she had been at Fox at the time, such a feature could well have been part of her official duties. And presumably would have involved an introduction to Tom Brady, who is married to Ms. Bundchen.

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