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Esiason: Brady, Belichick 'ruthless'

Some pointed comments from CBS' "NFL Today" crew regarding the Jets-Pats tilt:

BILL COWHER: I think for the Jets, we know for them offensively, if they keep it close they can run the ball and use their play action to Dustin Keller. But the onus is on the defense. There are two things they have to do, No. 1, they have to try to create turnovers. I know we talked about zero chance but the other thing is, you said last week, the law of averages, at some point. They've been playing flawless football. They've got to find a way to take it over. The other thing is, New England got the ball in the red zone five times last game and they scored five touchdowns. Hold them to field goals, keep the game close is the Jets’ only chance for this one.


SHANNON SHARPE: The one thing we know about a Bill Belichick-coached team and his defense is they're going to take away what you do well. What the Jets want to do is run the football. Boomer you say it all the time, you want to see your quarterback, Mark Sanchez, grow up. He grew up last week. He managed the game and when he had to make a play, he made the play. I think this game is going to fall into his lap again. They will not allow LaDainian Tomlinson and Shonn Greene to run the football. Hence it falls back on Mark Sanchez's shoulders.


BOOMER ESIASON: When Rex Ryan took over he did not want the Jets to become the "same 'ol Jets"…so he has basically said this week that it's all about him and Belichick and that's fine until Antonio Cromartie decided to ramp it up. And he enhanced his comments by using vulgarity. And I think that vulgarity is going to spark a competitive fire within Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. These are two ruthless guys and they're going to take their game to another level to make sure Antonio Cromartie realizes who they’re playing against.


DAN MARINO: I agree, once the talk comes up, it comes up. Tom Brady is going to be in a position to put a lot of pressure on Mark Sanchez because New England scores early and they score often. And when they get in the red zone they get touchdowns. They don't kick field goals. And when you look at what they’ve done this season regarding turnovers, how are the Jets going to match that? Mark Sanchez…the game is going to be in his lap and what's going to happen? What's the history against the Patriots?


BOOMER: Not very good in that building.

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