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ESPN experts whiff on picks

The Amazing Kreskin

The Amazing Kreskin Credit: The Amazing Kreskin (Getty Images)

First, full disclosure: I predicted the Titans would beat the Cowboys in Super Bowl XLVIII in Newsday’s preview section, which is why my lovely and talented wife does not permit me to bet real money on sports events.

The good news is I was not alone in whiffing dramatically on my preseason picks for the ever-wacky NFL.

Before the season ESPN sent a chart showing predictions for 35 of its army of NFL experts, 16 of whom picked the Cowboys to win the NFC East, 12 of whom picked the Redskins and seven the Giants. Eagles? Zero.

NFC South: 27 picked the Falcons, seven the Saints, one the Buccaneers. Panthers? Zero.

AFC South: 31 had the Texans, four the Colts.

In fairness, 34 of 35 picked the Patriots and 33 the Broncos to win their divisions. Even I could have done that!

Oh, wait . . . actually I picked the Dolphins and Chargers in those divisions. Sigh.

Did I ever mention I once gave The Amazing Kreskin a ride from a show in downtown Ithaca to a Cornell fraternity party? It's true. But that's another story entirely.

(Update: Undaunted, ESPN sent BCS bowl picks from 16 of its experts. Thirteen picked Baylor, one picked UCF and two abstained for the Fiesta Bowl. Fifteen picked Alabama, one abstained and none Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl. Twelve picked Stanford and four Michigan State in the Rose Bowl.)

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