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Overcast 34° Good Afternoon

ESPN hires Aaron Boone

ESPN hired Aaron Boone as a studio analyst and occasional game analyst.

YES hired former NYT baseball scribe Jack Curry as an analyst.

ESPN suspended Tony Kornheiser for his recent comments on Hannah Storm's on-air wardrobe.

One of the strangest things about how NBC handled Sunday night's U.S.-Canada hockey game was how it switched live to the final 30 seconds in the middle of a taped bobsled run.

Why not switch a minute earlier, BEFORE the U.S. scored an empty-net goal to go up by two and essentially clinch the game?

Think about it: If NBC had switched to hockey with Canada down only one goal, and Canada then tied up the game before the end of regulation time, NBC would have been stuck showing more live hockey.

And that, as we all know, is not part of the network's prime time plan.

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