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ESPN hopes to replicate TNT chemistry

Jimmy Walker and Jalen Rose

Jimmy Walker and Jalen Rose Credit: AP

ESPN has added Jalen Rose and Bill Simmons to its NBA studio show this season, its latest attempt to replicate the chemistry that has made TNT’s version a huge, long-running hit.

The Bristol Stompers’ newcomers are not shy about the task ahead of them.

“Looking forward to the opportunity to compete with the best,’’ Rose said. “It is no different than us discussing what is going to happen as far as who is going to win the NBA championship. They've set the bar.  We're fans of their show.  I'm fans of Charles [Barkley], Shaq [O’Neal], Charles [Barkley] and Ernie [Johnson].

“We all want to have the tuxedo and white shirt on Emmy night.  Hopefully we put ourselves in that position by gaining the respect of the fans and putting out quality content that everyone enjoys.’’

Said Simmons: “I agree. I think Charles is the best studio analyst of all time in any sport.  For us, the key is can people look forward to this show the same way that Jalen and I look forward to Thursday nights with TNT.  If they have a doubleheader, I'm excited.’’

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