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ESPN hypes women's hoops

It must say something about how far women’s basketball has come, and the part ESPN has played in the process, that one of the game’s top coaches actually would complain about TOO MUCH attention.

“It’s not my fault that ESPN decided to do a 10-hour thing,’’ Connecticut’s Geno Auriemma said about the network’s coverage of his team’s attempt at an 89th consecutive victory last month.

“It felt like the Kennedy Assassination. Jesus. People in my family were like, ‘Turn the TV off, would you?’’’

Auriemma might have been at least partly kidding, but the aftershocks were no joke.

When UConn finally lost to Stanford Thursday after 90 straight victories, it generated the network’s best-ever regular-season overnight rating for women’s hoops – 1.5 percent of homes in major markets.

The last 15 minutes of the game recorded a 3.1 rating.

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