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ESPN rebrands 'Numbers Never Lie'

Effective noon Monday, ESPN2's "Numbers Never Lie," whose name no longer made sense in the show's current form, will become "His & Hers."

That is a nod to the fact the program mostly centers on sports-related kibitzing between Jemele Hill and Michael Smith, a partnership whose chemistry first became evident in 2012 via their "His & Hers" podcast.

(The original premise when the show launched in 2011 was to focus on statistics and analytics, hence the title "Numbers Never Lie.")

"'His & Hers' is the show Jemele and I were meant to do together," Smith said in a news release. "We'd like to think we're a match made in sports heaven."

For some of us who are very old and watched too much black-and-white television in our youths, the new name brought to mind a short-lived but influential show called "He & She" from the 1967-68 season.

It starred the real-life couple of Richard Benjamin and Paula Prentiss and had a direct impact on the development of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," which premiered a couple of years later.

All of which happened well before Smith or Hill was born. Oh, never mind. Sigh.

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