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ESPN turns back Tebow Time

Tim Tebow jogs on the sidelines during a

Tim Tebow jogs on the sidelines during a preseason game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field. (Aug. 30, 2012) Credit: Getty

Did ESPN overdo it just a tad with its Tim Tebow coverage this summer, including initially sending Sal Paolantonio to cover the Jets every day of camp?

“I don’t think we did,’’ said Mark Gross, executive producer of SportsCenter.

Still, he acknowledged the network eventually decided to liberate Paolantonio from central New York.

"Honestly, a couple of weeks in we pulled back because it did feel at that point, in training camp, that we weren't reporting anything all that new. We just didn't need to be there every single day."’

Gross made no apologies for the attempt, though.

“I wouldn't say it failed, but we tried something, wanted to be aggressive with the coverage,’’ he said. “We learned over the first couple weeks this is pretty good. We also learned, you know what, we don't need to be embedded with the Jets. We'll do just fine if we're not.’’

For four days in Cortland Ron Jaworski and Hannah Storm joined Paolantonio for live coverage of practices.

“This company was built on a chance and on a risk,’’ Gross said. “That's what makes the place so great. We're risk-takers. Some things work out, some things don't. You sort of pick it up and move on to try something else the next day."

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