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ESPN voices talk Jets-Pats

ESPN sent some Jets-Pats-related quotes from its "Countdown" show:

On whether Patriots/Tom Brady can repeat the MNF 45-3 win against Jets…

Cris Carter: “Can he repeat it, absolutely. Why, because the route runners on New England are great route runners.”

Tom Jackson: “Not only can repeat it, will try to repeat it.”

Mike Ditka: “If he does have the same success, all I can say is shame on the Jets. If you don’t learn from your past mistakes, C’mon guys. Swallow your ego, rush four, try to pressure with four, drop seven, bump and run, and tackle after the catch, that’s the most important thing.”

On what adjustments the Jets must make against the Patriots…

Jackson: “Defensively, which is where they live, they have to adjust what they do in terms of coverage. Make Tom Brady take the second look somewhere.”

Carter: “What Rex needs to do, is do some stealing and steal some of the game plans that Belichick had to slow down the greatest show on turf. Play cover two in the field, bump the receivers, take Brady off of his first read and then once you get to the red zone play more conservative.”

Keyshawn Johnson: “In Rex’ adjustment he needs to call the best game in his life. In doing that, his defensive players have to back him up. They can’t get all enamored when you look at different formations…Same cake, different icing.”

Chris Berman: “Make the Patriots' young defense, many of whom have been in either none or one playoff game…make them play young.”

On Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie and how he should match up against the Patriots…

Jackson: “You have to understand who you’re dealing with…What you’re going to have to do is change your style of play. You’re a big guy with long arms. When you get in front of people, bump and run…Don’t play like you're 5-foot-10, play like the 6-3 that you are.”

On Patriots wide receiver Danny Woodhead…

Jackson: “What he is, is an outstanding football player, I don’t care what size he is. What coach Belichick does, and he does this with a lot of players, I’m going to take what you do best and find the matchups that benefit us the most and then use them as often as I can.”

Ditka: “Bill Belichick knows what he’s doing and Tom Brady is smart enough to know that this guy is a weapon and I’m going to use him.”

On Jets vs. Patriots pre-game trash talk…

Carter: “I believe in trash talk, but I believe in talking once you get on the field. Not personal, not getting into a guy's life, his wife, his kids. I am talking about his ability to cover me, or maybe something else to give me some advantage.”

Berman: “Is it that important for the Jets to keep up this image or is it more that they’re trying to convince themselves that things will be better?”

Jackson: “The one thing they’ve been since Rex took over, they have been one thing. They have been upfront with the fact that we are coming to beat you.”

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